Shi Lifeng

Born 1968 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, Li Shifeng studied at the the Hebei Normal University. Shi’s paintings display an evolution from the Socialist Realism of the 1980s to the starting points of Expressive Individualism in Chinese contemporary art. Exploring the colonialist characteristics of society,

Shi Lifeng “Flight to Freedom and Hapiness”


Shi focus on the groping for and excavation of the world of individual inner feeling; his attitude toward life is also gradually evolved from a collective group consciousness into a self-centered creative conception of identity.

Shi Lifeng
Shi Lifeng

In one sense we can proceed from external signs and totems to decode his works, yet even more important is the process of aphorizing his inner psychological world, a process to which he alludes to interpersonal interactivity through the creation of multiple identical identities. Lifeng’s work has a realistic thought by using the illustration of figures in red that strive to improve their station in life.

Shi Lifeng
Shi Lifeng

These red figures, sometimes with a political setting often painted with a blue or black background float in an empty space, although the energy from their effort is evident. This theme has been developed by the artist during many years by studying people the come from poor circumstances but want to reach a better position of higher statues. Chairman Mao is sometimes depict as the symbol for the highest possible position to be reached in a society.


The red figures are the direct and central symbols in the paintings as they float in a kind of emptiness at the same time as they fight for survival in their every day life. Aware or ignorant of where they are going or where they are coming from.

Noticeable is the cover of the long awaited new Album from Guns n’ Roses “Chinese democracy”, where Shi Li Fengs work ” Red Star” is pictured.

Shi Lifeng
Shi Lifeng

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